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The Odigitrievsky Cathedral

The Odigitrievsky Cathedral, named after the icon of Holy Mother Odigitria, is the first stone structure of Verkhneudinsk (the Upper Udinsk). Its building began in 1741.

The lower floor, or altar, was consecrated in 1770 in the name of the Epiphany of the Lord, and the second floor in the name of Holy Mother Odigitria was consecrated in 1783. Therefore, the construction of the cathedral lasted almost half a century - for forty-two years. The cathedral consists of three parts: a temple, a refectory and a bell tower, which located strictly along the longitudinal axis from west to east and merged into one, forming a monolith.

Actually, the temple is crowned with a high dome without a roof and a light two-level flashlight. Round gables with four-petal design, curly kokoshniki organically connected with the dome. The Odigitrievsky Cathedral occupied a dominant position among Orthodox churches in Verkhneudinsk (the Upper Udinsk) County in terms of the number of parishioners, the decoration of interiors, the wealth of church utensils and the library.

In the middle of the XIX century, on the north side of the facade, a pyramidal brick stele was installed with a metal spire, which was coordinated with respect to the eastern longitude and north latitude. Established strictly along the axis of Bolshaya Street, now Lenin’s Street, Verkhneudinsk (the Upper Udinsk) Meridian defined its geographical point on the map and was an interesting landmark of the city. Now it is lost.

The cathedral was closed in 1929. In 1934, an anti-religious museum was created here, thanks to which the building was preserved in working condition. In 1990, the temple was again transferred to the RCP. In 2004, Metropolitan (now Patriarch) Cyril consecrated the upper chapel.


Location: 2, Lenin’s street

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