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Ivolginsky datsan "Khambyn Khure"

Ivolginsky datsan "Khambyn Khure" (Tibetan "Gandan Dashi Choinhorlin"; Buryatian “Түгэс Баясгалантай Үлзы Номой Хүрдын Хиид” means "monastery Wheel of teaching, bringing happiness and joy”) – is the Residence of Pandibo Hambo Lam, the Head of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia, a large Buddhist monastic complex, a monument of history and architecture. Located in the Republic of Buryatia in the village of Upper Ivolga.

History reference

In 1945, the Council of People's Commissioners of Buryat-Mongolian ACSR issued a resolution on May 2, 1945, for No. 186 "On the opening of the Buddhist temple of the Hambin Sume in the Ulus Middle Ivolga." At the initiative of believers began collecting money and religious utensils. In the area of Oshor-Bulag was put a wooden house, which gave the appearance of datsan. Believers, learning about the discovery, began to take an active part in the construction work. On December 12, 1945, the first open service, Sahyuusan Khural, was held under the helm of Gabshi Lama Galsan Haidub. In February 1946, the New Year's services "Sagaalganai Khural" were held in compliance with all religious and ceremonial canons.    

In 1951, the authorities officially allocated land for the monastery complex. Several houses for llamas were built. In 1970, an eight-wall cathedral was built, which was later converted into a Davajin dugan. In 1976, the main Cathedral Temple was set up - Tsogchen Dugan.      

Modern state: Now there are Hural services dedicated to the most important events of Buddhist history, daily rituals in honour of the defenders and custodians of the teachings - the Sahuusans and other rites that help and protect believers from various negative forces. Ivolginsky datsan is the centre of Buddhism in Russia, attracting many pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

The monastery complex includes:

  • Tsogchen Dugan is the main cathedral temple (built in November 1976); 
  • Meaidin Sume is a small wooden temple of the Maitreya Buddha (built in the 1970s); 
  • Devazhin Sume - adobe two-stored building (built in 1970); 
  • Sahuusan Sume is a square wooden dugan dedicated to dharmapalas (built in 1986); 
  • Choira dugan "Toysam Shaddublin" - Choira Faculty of Philosophy - the first Tsogchen dugan (built in 1947-1948);
  • Jud dugan is a tantric dugan (built in 2001).
  • Nogoon Dara Ehyun Sume is a dugan dedicated to the deity Green Tara.

The Hambo Lama ItigalovA Palace (Etagelay Hambo Lamain Ordon, bur.) is a recreated from the surviving photographs of the past dugan, in which Pandito Hambo Lama Itigelov resides. It is the only phenomenon in the world.

In datsan is a sculpture "Little Buddha" by sculptor Dasha Namdakov.   In 1991, the Buddhist University of Dashi Choinhorlin named after Damba Darja Sayayev, where about 100 huvarakov-students in four faculties are trained in datsan: philosophical, tantric, iconographic and medical. Prayers dedicated to the Defenders of the Teaching (Sahuusans) Jamsaran and Baldan Lhamo are held in Ivolgin datsan. Shireete Lama - Tsyrentlykov Ayur Dagbadorjibalovich


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